The seamless gutter system, also called a continuous gutter, is a little misleading in its name, since there actually are seams in the system. These occur only at the corners and instead of slip fittings, these joints are connected sealed using a two part connecting system for stability and leak resistance.
The gutter runs themselves are continuous and by using internal fixing brackets they are both strong and visually more appealing.

Most guttering today is plastic and its great, relatively cheap and effective but it can carry some problems. If it is not put up professionally it can leak, the joints can "creep" open and leak and the colour is likely to fade in the sunlight.
An alternative to plastic is seamless aluminium which has no such problems. Sheet aluminium is roll formed on site from a machine sited in the back of the installers van. The machine turns out gutter in an attractive ‘Ogee’ shape and the rolls of aluminium come in various colours. The ‘Ogee’ profile means that not only can this type of gutter look attractive on new buildings, it is the shape of guttering used in times gone by and so means that it can be used as a good match on older properties.
Seamless Aluminium gutters are 5 inches (125mm) wide as opposed to the 4 inches (100mm) of the plastic gutters meaning they can deal with and carry a much higher rainwater capacity.

After the gutter is formed, internal brackets are clipped into the gutter shape and the gutter is measured on the roof for the position of the down pipe. The gutter is then screwed to the fascia board and a plastic insert with leaftrap is sealed in position to direct water into the down pipe and a stop end is sealed to the end of the gutter. It’s quick and easy for our trained installers to fit and in many instances is no more expensive than plastic gutters but will last a lifetime if installed correctly.